About Snakk Media Limited

Snakk enables brands to reach their target consumers on smartphones and tablets. The company's expertise and portfolio of technology aggregates a publisher's supply of ad space and matches it with an advertiser's demand. Snakk delivers engaging ads across a network of mobile websites, applications, and games in a way that is highly targeted, measurable and scalable. The company is deeply committed to building a purpose-driven business that balances commercial outcomes with a higher social purpose.

What we do

Snakk Media enables you to reach your target audience – with inspiring messages in the palm of their hands. Wherever they are. Whatever they're doing. As a premium mobile media aggregator, we achieve this in three ways:
1. Aggregating audiences of interested people through new smart screens.
2. Powering technology to serve brand messaging in unique, engaging ways
3. Packaging and connecting audiences for brands and media agencies


Investment Ready

If you're a current Snakk investor, our IR site will have key information, news and company reports that you will want to know about to stay in touch. If you aren't yet an investor, explore the site to learn about the incredible prospects and fast growing markets Snakk operates in – then become one and join the family!